Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Escape to Bevagna

We escaped from the Piazza on Saturday afternoon after another rousing song fest underneath our window.  By leaving the Piazza, we missed the reenactment of the war between the various contingencies, Garibaldi arriving on a horse to save the day and more singing.  Next year we will come for the end of the festival.  4 days is a bit too much.

So off we went to Bevagna. It is one of the "I Borghi piu' Belli d'Italia, or one of the "Most Beautiful Towns in Italy".  It is about 40 minutes southeast of us, and we took the windy back roads away from our main drag of E45.  I love driving through the Italian country side in this part of Umbria.  It feels so uninterrupted by modernity.  I guess Umbria is the province uninterrupted.

Here are some pictures from the town.

 The hallway in our hotel.

 The restaurant of the hotel.

Beautiful wrought iron windows.


The hotel is called The Garden of Angels.  Lovely name isn't it?  The town is a medieval town.  I love the arches and the iron work in town.  It is very neat, and the old buildings are beautifully maintained.

While we were there, there was a prom going on.  Here are some young Italian beauties and their dresses.

These faces are in a 1,000 paintings that you see.  Heartbreakers.

Another look of love. Oh to be an Italian baby!

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