Wednesday, October 19, 2011

MiniMetro, Perugia and Chocolate


 For those of you who love chocolate, Dorothee, this post might just possibly drive you crazy.

We went to Perugia this week to visit the Eurochocolate exhibit.  Amanda Knox has left town, so what else is there to do but have a street party with every imaginable type of chocolate on display.

We took the Minimetro to arrive into the old center of town.

 For the first time we found the right parking lot and station. The MM has 6 or 7 stops and goes from the bottom of town up the hill to the middle of the centro storico in Perugia.

This is a wonderful invention for me because Perugia is the closest major city to us, about 30 min. drive, and the Stoic One hates to drive there because the traffic is a series of ever diminishing one way streets.  He gets stressed and grumpy, not a good combination.  So we were told to take the Minimetro, easy to drive to and easy to park and hop on.  It is a fully automated system, similar to our BART but the cars are tiny, 8 fold down seats and about room for 20.   The cars come by about every minute, turn around at the top and come back down.  To get to the minimetro you should exit on the Madonna Alta exit and follow signs.  It is farther off the road then you would expect, so keep going.

Once we arrived downtown, we were in a chocolate lovers' paradise.

This is where I bought chocolate. Ciocoloto del re

Chocolate and amore


  1. I am drooling!!!! Shame on you!!! Right this moment I would kill for a bite!!! Enjoy it for me!!! Love ya! Mudd

  2. I wish you were there. There was so much chocolate, it was overwhelming and hard to decide what to buy. I finally went where the line was the longest. It was as delicious as it was beautiful.

  3. ciao, Susan!
    I was in Perugia last year for the chocolate festival, but it was HOT and there were flies swarming everywhere. I skedaddled over to Cortona to escape the crowds and the heat. Thanks for the info on the Metro: I'll try that next time. Like you, I spend part of the year in Italy and write a blog about my life there. I'll enjoy reading of your adventures.
    a presto!

  4. Ciao Marybeth
    So nice to hear from you. It seems we have much in common! I hope the weather next year is like it was this year. Melting chocolate and flies do not sound appetizing. Look forward to reading your blog.