Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ciao Italia; Hello Oakland

We went to Florence with some guests, and I must say, Florence the end of October, is a delight.  The level of tourism is manageable for the city.  Store keepers actually greeted people as they came in the door. I love to walk around these big Italian cities.  Churches, museums, art everywhere, but still what draws me is the smells, and sights and sounds of human beings experiencing one of the most civilized cities in the word.  The Florentines are a very special breed.  Natural money people with a sense of style and an eye for the world around them.  We saw many Italians on holiday and naturally Americans.  I think most Americans are more comfortable in the larger cities where they know and understand tourism.  The food, like the city, is quite sophisticated.  The wine of course is excellent, and I must say that the bread is better than in Umbria.  Hate to say it, but I just have not been able to get used to that no salt tough Umbrian bread, torta al testo, not included in that evaluation.

We had a nice hotel with this view out our window; the Hotel Lugarno.  It was a good transition to hear everyone speaking English.  Florence is so much fun when it isn't a hassle.  The Stoic One bought a Swiss (Ulysee Nardin) watch he has been wanting for years.  I had never heard of the brand, but he found it on the Ponte Vecchio.

We still have not closed on apartment number 2 what with Max dying and all....sigh...more lessons in patience.  The attorneys say it will all happen, they just don't know when....

I will start back on this blog when I return.
Until that time.  Arrivederci and thank you for your interest to accompany me along the path.
I miss Italy already.


  1. Ciao Susan! I am about to follow your exploits in Umbria and beyond by reading your blog from the beginning! Already learned something in your first post: the bread in Umbria is not salted! I thought it was only Florence/Tuscany!

    1. Benvenuta Lauretta. Hope you enjoy the ride.