Sunday, February 3, 2013

Marble and windows

This was the trip that we were supposed to get many decisions done (which we did) and make final arrangements to have the apartment finished...right!

Okay, so the first thing was we went back to the marble place to make sure the marble we picked we were still happy with...we were.

These are some of the big slices of marble that we walked through.  The marble store is on one of the back streets in Umbertide.  We talked about the difference between marble and granite.

Because marble is softer than granite, it is the stone of choice for workers who want to do things with it, like carve statues, made headstones for the cemetery, these things are not possible with granite...unless you just want a block.  We are having the sinks carved into the marble, so marble was the choice over granite.

Here is the marble we chose for the guest bath.

It is very beautiful.  We made the final choice on it and it will be installed.

Next up were the replacement of 13 windows.  The windows now are single pane that lets in every draft and noise that comes up from the piazza.  We are having newer double paned windows installed that will cut down on the noise, and save us on the energy costs.  The windows  are also made on a back street in Umbertide.

Everything here is done by hand, which is a good thing, because according to Manule, we don't have a 90 degree angle in the entire apartment.

The guy in the red suit has a sprayer/mop that he is using to stain the windows. It looks like a method that has been used for hundred of years.

The windows are now put on hooks to dry. Next step is the glass is put in and then they are mounted in the window space in the apartment.

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