Monday, July 1, 2013


In our little town of Umbertide, the passaggiata, is a very calm, sedate affair.  People come home from work, the old men are sitting at their tables playing cards, and the younger people walk around the piazza with their baby strollers or boyfriends and girlfriends and greet one another.  In southern Italy things are more, how should I say, fluid.

Everyone is out.  There is no general direction people walk in.  They go diagonally across the piazza, counter clock wise, clock wise, it is general chaos.  Still it is one of the greatest pleasures in Italy to sit, have an appertivo, and watch the show.   I love watching the parents and little kids.

This little girl with her back to you was quite a character.  The kids were looking into a big metal egg that had an opening at their eye level.  The little girl wanted her turn next, so she pushed the little boy away.  This was the mother's reaction.

The right hand is gesturing up and down, in "What the heck is wrong with you?"  The other kids knew she was in trouble.  Look at their faces. Love the American flag on the little boy.

This is our friend Ben's favorite shoe look.  Mr. Red Shoes.

Market day is the same, no matter where you go in Italy.  Everyone turns out.

Italian style in the market place.  Love the fringe at the bottom of her dress.  He must think he's a Hollywood mogul, no socks, sun glasses, white shorts.....

Yellow dog, yellow outfit.  He looks grumpy.  Probably waiting for his wife who is late.

Little girls practicing to be big girls.

For those Soprano fans, it is Carmella in the original!

Remember we are in Southern Italy.  These guys are either bankers or...

How else to end but with a large bowl of Tiramisu!

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