Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hazelnuts and Bevagna

We continue to visit the towns in Umbria that have festivals.  Montone's festival was so crowded we couldn't move much less take pictures. Young Italians continue to smoke like maniacs so every time I crossed the piazza, I was sure some fool was going to set me on fire.  Luckily I escaped unsinged.

Bevagna, on the other hand, had few people and not that many hazelnuts.  The word for hazelnuts in Italian is nocciola, if you have ever visited here you may have been subjected to Nutella, which is a combination of chocolate and hazelnuts that most Americans find revolting..So sweet. The company came up with this product in 1964 and it has been a staple in Italian kitchens since.  Although mainly for children, I know of Italian adults who eat it. It sets your teeth on edge it is so sweet.

Maybe we got to Bevagna too late, but we didn't see many hazelnuts.  There was mainly music and people strolling, which was fine with us.  Bevagna is one of my favorite hill towns with a beautiful piazza.  It supposedly was built before Roman times by the Etruscans but was burned down several times. It is a great place just to wander, people watch, listen to music and just hang out.

Italians seem to love American music.  They love jazz, the blues, English rock and roll.  It always surprises me to hear them playing songs I know.

What the band lacked in talent, they made up for in enthusiasm.  They definitely needed a better sound system.

I love looking in store windows and seeing how beautifully they arrange the food.  It looks appetizing on all levels.

Have I mentioned that the Stoic One is a secret romantic?  He captured a young Italian couple having a quiet moment.

Ciao til the next time.


  1. Thank you, Susan. Sitting at my desk at work having a lovely "mind trip" back to Italy. So jealous but I guess my time will come. Lovely pics!

    PS: Love Nutella and can eat it straight from the jar.

  2. If you love Nutella, you definitely belong in Italy! Hope you are able to make a return trip soon, but am happy your enjoying the mind trip.

  3. Glad to see that the Stoic One is staying focused on photography. (OK, bad pun.) Give him a high 5 for me.

  4. Thanks Steve. I will pass it on to the Stoic One. Stay tuned...lots more photos coming. Susan