Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Philadelphia Dreaming

In Philadelphia for a few days to see an old friend.  Lovely to be back in the U.S.  Just had a great Japanese lunch; miso soup, and California rolls. Brings back such memories. Food is such an interesting thing to assoiciate memory.  For me, all happy memories.

The weather here is mild, sunny. When I got to Donna's, this was waiting for me. Such a surprise from Gary and Luca telling me they would miss me. It was a very nice beginning to my trip.

We visited a place called Winterthur in Delaware. They were having an exhibit of clothes from the series Downton Abbey.  Winterthur

Here are my favorite dresses. The first one is a flapper dress worn by the character Rose. The detailing and the beading on these dresses are exquisite.  Really hard to see on the TV. We all agreed we would pay more attention to the clothes in the series in the future.

Front and back of a dress worn by Mary.
Fun to be a tourist in the US.  I have not spent much time traveling on the East coast, and I really notice the culture Americana.


  1. Retired, a place in Italy, talent in photography and writing, and a romantic husband to boot. You are one lucky lady! Enjoy Philly!

  2. Hi Melanie. I am very lucky and very blessed.