Sunday, September 14, 2014


We trained it back from Tegernsee to Munich. Unfortunately the weather followed us so we decided to do some inside exploring by going to museums. The first museum we visited is called Residenz or Royal Palace. It began construction in 1363 and it was added to after various fires. In 1944 it sustained major damage from Allied bombs. The reconstruction has taken decades, but it is now open to the public. The austere external facade belies the opulent treasures that lie within.

Each room seemed to be more breath taking than the next. We did not see what the Residenz looked like after the bombs, but I can only imagine. It is astonishing that they were able to restore in such a manner.

There was interesting shopping in Munich as well.  No, I did not buy a dirndl, although these are quite lovely.

They really do wear these. Munich is called by some the city of lap tops and lederhosen (knee length men's breeches made of leather.) Not as many stores for those as there were for the dirndle's.

The rain continued and so we went to the BMW museum.

The architecture of the building brought to mind speed, elegance and design.

Oh, and did I mention power?

The displays inside were artfully done.  Hard to capture it in photos. I did fall in love with this little car from the 50"s. I never remember seeing it before.  Apparently it was quite popular at the time.

It was really just a motorcycle with metal around it, but so cute.
Such a clever way to get in and out.

I wonder how much they paid him to do this ad?

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