Sunday, February 8, 2015


I am so happy. The Stoic One and I are filling out our calendar with people who will be visiting this year. May is now filled, most of September and all of October. The first group of friends coming will be searching for their Italian roots in the area south of Rome. It should be another Italian adventure. It makes me happy to be the guide for people I know and love.

The Stoic One, Nancy and Luther and I are beginning Italian lessons next week in Citta' di Castello. Luther and I are paired together and Nancy and the S.O are paired. The approach is mainly conversational. The school also runs a Montessori class to teach English to preschoolers. Taking Italian always makes me happy.

I am continuing with my group of women on Saturday night teaching English. We have so much fun together, laughing at the craziness of language. Their energy is like having a litter of playful puppies in the house. Laughter makes me happy.

The rain has stopped. We think we will have sun for a week...this makes me...right, happy. The Tevere is back to its acquamarine color from the murky, muddy color of last week.

There is a small, local restaurtant outside of town that we often go to. It has no sign, no menu and the cost is very reasonable. They know us now, and we eat what they recommend. They have a beautiful fireplace that they keep going. It looks like our fireplace, which we have also been using quite a bit. Unlike in California, burning wood in Umbria is totally legal. The air here is very clear.

All is well with us in Umbria. We are living our dream and enjoying our life together. Sometimes winter is the season of content.


  1. That was so nice and heartfelt. I felt happy because you and S.O. are so happy. It's awesome when a dream becomes reality. Hope to see you guys sooner than later. Cheers from S&L

  2. Hi guys. 2016 is a good year for a visit. Miss you both.