Friday, March 11, 2016

Winter in Sicily - Acireale

Acireale is the closest large town to the house we have been staying in. It is about 20 minutes from here, and we have visited several times, mainly with guests. It is a city of ancient Greek and then Roman origins steeped in Greek mythology. Their favorite myth is between Acis, a shephard boy and Galatea a sea nymph who fell in love with the young boy. If you know your Greek mythology, it is never a good thing when one of the gods falls in love with a mortal.

 There is Greek influence everywhere in the town, in the people, in the music and in the food.
I can imagine Galatea falling in love with one of these guys.

Unfortunately for Acis, Galatea was also loved by the Cyclops, Polyphemus. Polyphemus became so jealous of Acis that he threw down a boulder and killed him. Galatea, who was heart broken,  turned Acis's  blood into the River Acis, (the river does apparently originate in a rock) and the spirit of Acis is everywhere in this region.

Acireale is also known for its stunning churches.

The insides are stunning as well.

Just down the hill from the town is a cove with several restauarnts that serve delicious food.

We ate at a lovely place called La Grotta that showed you the fish you were going to eat, and then you paid by the pound. Lovely people and very fresh seafood.

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