Saturday, July 9, 2016

Venice from the other side

I thought it might be helpful to have a map in front of you as I show the next batch of photos from the Stoic One. As you look at the worm shaped island at the bottom of the map, that's where we stayed.

The next few pictures are from that view point and of various spots on the Giudecca Island. Enjoy.

Where the work gets done....

Where everyday people can afford to live...

We did go across the canal and visit the Peggy Guggenheim museum. Our first time there. I know, I know. We loved it. There was a tour of Italian first graders going through the museum. They were so adorable.

The teacher is teaching them how to look at art. She is asking them to find the fish, the spiral, the flower contained in the wall hanging. They were fun to watch.

Hard to take a bad shot in Venice, especiall if you are the Stoic One.

I'm presuming if you are still looking at this you love photographs. There was a Helmut Newton photography exhibit in the museum next to our hotel. The 70's were a pretty wild place.

The sign tells you it's going to be White Women, Sleepless nights and Big Nudes. They weren't kidding.

Here are the only 2 photographs that were "G" rated.

He was such a fantastic photographer. This is niece Nancy's favourite photo. Very Marlene Dietrich kind of thing.

This is my favorite. I love everything about it, the lights, the waves in the material and water, the atheleticism and the sensuality. Clearly he loved women.

Venice is a city that always surprises if you give it half a chance. Get away from the touristy areas. Get lost. Wander the streets. Fall in love again.

And then there is always a piece of whimsy..

to take your mind off of other things...Buone vacanze.

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