Friday, March 15, 2013

A slow move to Umbria

I am living in a hotel room with a small dog, and the Stoic One.  Things could be worse. We decided to put our house up for sale immediately even though we are not moving to Italy until the first of October.  The market is red hot right now, and our realtor convinced us to strike while the iron was hot.  It has been chaotic.  If it weren't for my neighbor Gina I think I would be living in my garage.

We first had to sort through what was worth shipping to Italy.  The Stoic One kept saying, "but we bought this in Italy, why are we paying to ship it back to Italy?" Grrrrrr.
This is a look of what made the Italian cut.
Dishes, art, books, clothes, linens...

Then we had to decide what we needed to keep to survive for the next six months.  We have winter, summer, work clothes, play clothes, Queen Mary fancy clothes.  This is when I hit my limit and Gina stepped in.  She has a gene for organizing and told me to go upstairs and take a nap and she would finish.  An angel.  I love naps.  At this point I didn't care what went where.

Luca, the ever lovable dog was unamused with the mess.

At some point the Stoic One and I were in an honest debate as to whose lousy idea it was to move to Italy.  I assured him it was his.  Finally the movers came and started crating things and preparing them for the sea voyage. They were very efficient and had the Italian stuff, all 2600 pounds of it, ready to load on the truck in four hours. Everything is now waiting in a warehouse until I can prove residency, a whole 'nother bureaucratic nightmare.

Luca was not amused with all of this.  He really thinks it is his job to keep people out of the house and bark at each arrival.  He was not used to be "shushed" every 2 minutes.  He finally found a place out of the way and he stayed there the rest of the day.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, other wise known as Umbertide, Manuele and the boys have been busy.  The marbalist thought he could make 2 sinks our of one lovely chunk of marble.  I loved the idea and said pretty please when Manuele scowled.  I didn't ask about the weight of this object.

Our apartment is only up 20 stairs, not the 65 of the other apartment, so I don't see why they couldn't carry it, but apparently was easier on their backs!

The slab of marble passes carefully through the window.

THe marble looks quite beautiful.

I asked the Stoic One what was going to hold up those heavy sinks?  I don't want us all to crash into the apartment below.  He told me to think about repacking.

We will be in Italy next week to check out the progress.  Will post pictures of the progress.

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