Monday, July 1, 2013

Caffe Centrale, Umbertide

Our town has 2 bars in the piazza.  Bars in Italy are really like Caffes.  Anyway, we have a Bar Mary and Caffe' Centrale.

When the owner of the bar, Clementina, found our we were leaving on Friday, she asked us if we would come to dinner at the Caffe'.  Generally they only serve drinks and ice cream, but Clementina is trying to change things. The mother of one of the wait staff is a wonderful cook and has been cooking some things for the bar.

Anyway, we said yes we would love to have our last night there.  Now enters another misunderstanding.  We thought Clementina would join us for dinner, and we would pay for our meal.  Neither was true.  We had a wonderful home cooked meal, in the back of the restaurant, and Clementina waited on customers in the front.  When we went to pay, she said, no she wanted to pay for our last meal there.  What a sweet heart!

Here she is.
She is crocheting a bedspread when no one is in the bar!

If ever you are in Umbertide, please stop by and greet Clementina and have a toast to the Americans!

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