Monday, August 5, 2013

A new house, not my home

So I am now in Ventura, California.  My sister lived here years ago when she ran away from home.  I don't think the town has changed much in the last 30 years.

We are here for two reasons, one to visit our family, including our sweet niece Elizabeth and her new baby, and two because I love the ocean. We are driving distance to both of those things.

This is Elizabeth and baby Maxwell. She is the calmest mother I have ever been around.  Do you think she gets that from her uncle The Stoic Once?  Here he is with her oldest son, Jackson.

Jackson looks a little worried but then he always looks a little worried.  The Stoic One looks like himself. Jackson will be two in November.  Maxwell is 6 weeks old....mamma mia...Did I say she was calm?  The father is a nervous wreck.  He says he has nightmares about Jackson falling off the pier. He wondered what his dream meant.  I responded, "You're worried about Jackson falling off the pier."  I can be profound when provoked.

Here is our sweet Mr. Luca....I must say he was not thrilled with the invasion of the little ones. Jackson loved Mr. Luca, Luca, not so much.  The father asked if there any way in the world that dog would bite my son.  "unlikely" I responded, and we both moved Jackson and the dog from one another.

 I think Luca wonders where his beer is.

We are staying in a truly American style home.  It is made totally of wood, and hand made by the owner.  It is in the shape of a hexagon.  I am sure this has geometrical significance to the builder.  It makes for interesting spaces and play of light.  We have a lovely view of the ocean and a very nice kitchen. The house is like Frank Lloyd Wright in the early days.  More emphasis on interest than comfort.  We have a bean bag to watch TV.  They still make those things, and the Stoic One and I can still get into it and more importantly out of it. The beds are home made and extremely comfortable. Not many doors in the house....closets have curtains which also reminds me of Italy.  

Mr. Luca is indifferent to the architectural beauty.  He has located his food dish and the little ones have left so he is relaxed again.

The door to this house, like Italian doors in Italy, is a thing of wonder.  I can not imagine this being anywhere but California in the 1970's. It is hard to tell but that is a spiral stained glass door. you can see the reflection in the floor.

And thus concludes another episode in "How to say Farewell".

Oh, the Stoic One broke his tooth, so we discovered a new dentist in this town.  We now have dentists in every town we have visited.  Do you think teeth breaking is part of stress?

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