Saturday, April 12, 2014


Spring has finally arrived in Umbria. The farms are tilled and the seeds are sown.  The fruit trees and the redbud trees are blooming, and lilac trees are in full bloom. The irises are beginning to show their purple colours, and wisteria is clinging to the barns up in the hills. I love spring.

I was born and raised in Michigan.  As a child I remember the wonder of spring.  Finally, after the snow, the sleet, the ugly melting ice upon the roads, spring would come.  It seemed to me then, as it does now, a true miracle. Having lived in California for 30 years, I forgot the joy of this season.  I used to think that autumn was my favorite, but I had never experienced an Italian spring.  I wish all of you could be here, to see the valiant irises, that have survived the long, cold winter.  It is a true joy.

Of course food is a big part of all that we do.  We have a guest with us, Justin Sinclair, who is off to England for an internship as a cook at a 1 star Michelin restaurant.  We had to show off Umbrian food for him before he left.  Here is today's desserts.

This is what is looked like when we were finished.

So sad, the after picutre.  This restaurant, Antica Forziere, is our favorite show off place.  We all really enjoyed it and moaned as we left.


  1. Hello Again. I was hoping you would do a "Spring" post. I was there twice during Spring and while I have not been to Paris in the Springtime, I can't imaging it could be anymore beautiful than the Italian season.

  2. Spring here is just fantastic. I will take some more photos for you and post.

  3. Hi Susan. This is very random but is this Justin from Thousand Oaks, Ca? We met a guy, named Justin, at the Perugia airport. He was on his way to working Norwich…same guy? I'm from the Midwest, have lived in Cornwall 20 years and am plotting to live in Umbria, having visited twice.

    He gave us a card, will dig it out of my handbag and see if it's the same bloke. Enjoying your blog. Ciao. Marilyn

  4. P.S. Oh and I lived in Napa for a few years and LOVE your post about Umbrian spring. I went for a walk, nr Pesciano…and the scent lat win the afternoon….was wonderful, not to mentioned all the blossom you describe.

  5. Marily...I just came across this comment. Yes. Justin was the same bloke. He is learning lots in Norwich.