Tuesday, March 3, 2015


The Stoic One and I try to eat at an Enoteca (wine bar) when we are out and about on our travels. The food is generally creative, well priced, and the wine selection and match is terrific.

Today we ate at Enoteca Guidi in Sansepolcro. Sansepolcro is in Tuscany and about a 40 minute drive from us. Joseph found Stefano, the hair dresser, and we both think he is worth the drive. By the time he has finished with my hair, it is time for lunch! What a surprise.

If you are in Sansepolcro, a very interesting town to explore, I might add, we recommend Enoteca Guidi.

Today we had a type of bruschetta we have never had before. Usually it is served on baguette slices, this was served on a whole slice of regular bread. Interesting, crunchy, and delicious. One slice had brie, anchovies and tomatoes and the other was cheese, sausage and broccoli.

The Stoic One ordered spaghetti with polpi or octupus. He said it was very good.

In Rome, we like to eat at the Enoteca Palatium.http://www.enotecapalatium.com

Also recently we ate at another Enoteca in Arezzo called Le Chiavi D'Oro...although this is much more of a full on restaurtan. The restaurant is beautiful and the food delicious.

As you tour through Italy, I highly recommend you to try an enoteca. The food is excellent and the wine is always well priced.


  1. Susan, I love this photo of you! I keep trying to post a comment to tell you how much I miss your beautiful face, but my posts keep disappearing. Hope this one works. I love reading about how happy you two are!

  2. Hi Lori, thanks for your comment. It didn't disappear! We are happy, having fun exploring this crazy country.

    1. It worked! (I have entered the 21st century...). Now I can comment on the amazing photos and your poetic musings... Meanwhile, hi to SO ...