Saturday, April 18, 2015

Faces of Naples

It was our first trip to Naples. The Stoic One and I were both a little tenative about our visit, unsure of what we would find. Garbage piled up on the streets? Thugs waiting to accost us and run off with our things? Decay and graffiti? The shabbiness without the chic?

What we found were beautiful people, delicious food, and fantastic art and architecture. It is not an easy city. You have to work to maintain your bearings. The worn cobblestones can be treacherous for those of us with walking issues. The cab driver told us after 3 days everyone became fatigued with the Neopolitan energy. But, 3 days, Naples can speak to all of your senses if you let it.

There is an Italian expression, "See Naples and die". We didn't die, and we will return.

Enjoy the Stoic One's photos.

These boys were playing on a canon in one of the old castles.

I think they had had an argument. She was trying to convince him to come and dance with her.

An Italian field trip to the castle. They could hardly wait to go play on the canons.

He is telling her of his dreams of their future and how they will bring their kids to the sea one day.

She has just graduated from technical school and is so happy to share the moment with Mamma.

This is the face of angels you see in the chapel. A true Neopolitan beauty.

There were other sites besides people, of course.

This pavilion is facing the sea and is called the Fountain of the Little Blessed Virgin with stautes by Bernini.

Interesting architecture along the seafront.

Every corner has a building worth stopping in front of and admiring.

These are called Cornicelli and are an amulet worn to protect against the evil eye.

The street scenes reminded me of Chinatown in San Francisco.

We had fantastic weather. Sunny and cool. April is a great time to visit Italy.

When in Naples, eat pizza! We stopped in at Sorbillo's. Very popular place. When in Naples, eat seafood, pizza and desserts!


  1. Thanks again for these memories. We were very disappointed on our last tour that the guide would not let us off in the town of Naples because they couldn't take the responsibility for our safety. That was a bit scary to hear and so we all went placidly along to the waterfront area. After seeing your pics and hearing the great time you had only makes me more determined to get back there.

    1. Hi Melanie. We didn't get to the Spanish quarter, which is supposed to be interesting, but "edgy". We may try to get there next time. We really enjoyed the trip and will return the end of May with guests. I definitely think you would enjoy seeing it.