Thursday, June 18, 2015

A medieval dinner

The following was the menu for our medieval dinner:
Antipasti: Skewers of cheese, salami, pork, bread and olives
First course:  Fava bean soup with mint and grilled crusts of bread
Main course: Pork shanks with salad
Desserts: Vin Santo and cookies

On the tables were pitchers of water and red wine. The tables were set. These Italians know how to party. The towns people were having as much fun as the visitors. What a great way to celebrate.

We found our spot.

And the meal began. First the antipasti arrived.

The skewers were stuck in large loaves of bread, which held them in place until there were served. Very clever.

We had entertainment between courses.  First the stilt people.

Not just on stilts but twirling flags.

Beautiful butterfly ladies on stilts were next.

Then the fava bean soup was delivered, pipping hot!

It was such a clever way to delier the food. Every 3 or four tables ahd their own pallet carrying the food for the next course. I can only imagine the behind the scenes staging area.

The next entertainment is a little difficult to explain. I THINK it was a battle between good (the girl in white) and evil (the girl in black). The whole thing was very surreal. 

They had wooden swords and sheilds, and the contraption that they were in moved down the street as they staged their battle.

The good girl.

The evil girl. It looks like they are doing some weird Pilates exercise, but they were indeed having a battle. How do they think of these things? On to the main course.

Remeber we only had a wooden spoon to eat with, so the salad was a bit messy but the meat was fun to pick up and gnaw away. It was as good as it looks.

I love the look on the blond's face. It is how we all felt when we saw the meat arrive.

The monks made sure we did not run out of wine.

More entertainment.

It was a spectacle.

Each chair had a plastic bag tied to it and we were given our bowls, plates, and cup to take home. That meant they had no dishes to wash and not as much trash! What a good idea. 

Certaldo in June. Remeber for next year!

Oh, we took Luca too. They are very dog friendsly.


  1. Now that looks like a fun time! "Medieval Times" in the US should take some lessons from the real deal.

    1. Melanie, that's exactly what we said. We had been to a Renaissance Fair in California that was pretty cheesy. This was fun partly becuase the towns people had so much fundoing ti.

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