Saturday, September 12, 2015

Festival Madonna Della Reggia

September 8th was the festival of the Madonna della Reggia, the patron saint of Umbertide. She is called della Reggia after the little stream, the Reggia,  that runs through town and joins the Tiber river.

The origins of this holiday hold that on the morning of September 14, 1556, a seven year old girl, the daughter of Orlandino Vibi,  prayed to the Madonna at a chapel in Umbertide. The girl had a leg that was so deformed that she was unable to walk without support. After her prayer, the girl was miraculously cured of a leg injury. The town was astonished by the event. The bishop from Gubbio came and confirmed the miracle. The people of Umbertide were so joyous and thankful that they built a church in the Madonna's honor. The church, which is commonly called the Collegiata is the octagonal church that is seen in Umbertide. On the holiday the banner of the Madonna is taken from the church and processed through the town.

In honor of this holiday, the collegiata is lit at night. The inside restoration of the Collegiata is still ongoing, but the outside is spectacular.

This is the Rocca in Umbertide, also lit at night.

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