Saturday, February 13, 2016


The Stoic One, Luca and I are in Sicily for a while. We are in a small village at the base of Etna. I was worried for a while that Etna would blow her top and we would be turned into mummified Pompeii people. So far, so good.

The produce here is fantastic. There is a fruit and vegetable stand on every corner, literally.

Today, we walked to a small Osteria near us. We had a dish called Scacciata. It is basically a Sicilian torte with layers of cheese and vegetables. Here is what it looks like uncut. It has a heavy, kind of dry crust over's more like a bread dough crust than a sweet crust.

Here is what is looks like cut inside.
All vegetables, very good.

The artichokes here are sublime as you can imagine. They are put over the coals of a barbecue and then roasted. The roasting gives them the most fantastic smoky flavor inside.

When I first saw them I thought they were fried in oil, but I asked, and they assured me they were roasted. Excellent.

This was the pasta dish I ordered. Hand made pasta with thinly sliced and roasted zucchini and mint. Really, really, good.

Fresh strawberries with some brandy over them for dessert. Excellent meal. Bon appetito!


  1. Fresh strawberries, zucchini and artichokes in February? How warm is it?

    1. It is definitely spring here. Tomorrow, the green grocer told me that would have very little wild strawberries picked from the woods. Things are blooming everywhere.