Monday, July 31, 2017

Summer 2017 Part I

We are in the dog days of summer as they say. No offence to Mr. Luca.

Although the summer did not officially start until June 21st, for those of us living in Italy, it started the end of May when the temperatures soared to the mid 90's and have never let up.

What else could we do except escape from the heat by going to the lake.

First to Como:

We both love this lake, and it never disappoints. Beautiful, clean water, soft sunsets and healthy fresh lake fish.

Unfortunately, we did not see George and family, but we heard many kind stories about him and how the town tries to protect him from prying eyes. 

Taking the ferry across the lake and visiting all of the little towns is a true pleasure even if you don't spot George. 

Unfortunately, we had to leave this calm retreat and head back down the penninusla to Umbertide. Ciao Lake Como until the next time.

My sister arrived and we decided that a trip to the coast would be a good thing. We found a great spa on the Mediterranean side and the water was pristine.

When the heat is too much, the Italians head out to the sea. A great idea.

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