Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Market Day

Today is market day in the Piazza. All is calm before the vendors arrive.  The flags are hanging in anticipation of a huge festival this week end to celebrate the 150th year anniversary for the reunification of Italy.
Piazza pre-market

The early birds arrived around 6:30 am to get a jump on the other shoppers. Like many things in Italy it at first seems chaotic but on continued observation there are very strong parameters that are not violated.

The brothers Russo are always at the front of the Piazza.  This is who Antonietta buys from.  I misunderstood and I thought the produce was from Russia. She got that astonished look, like to check out if I were kidding then said no, they are from Naples. Their name is Russo.  Oh....

The market travels from town to town.  There are fruits, vegetables, herbs, fish, cheese and meat.  On the other side of the street there are clothes, kitchen things, a true flea market.
Cherries and apricots

Pears, watermelon, peaches

Cheese truck

getting ready for the garden

I notice my windows are open

the aftermath
Everything will be cleaned up and back in place by 4:00 so the old men can resume their card game.
Tomorrow's activities start at 11:00 AM and go on through the week end.  

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