Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rome and home with a black eye Part 2

We left our beautiful fairy land,  drove into Rome, left the car at the airport and then took a taxi to our hotel for the flight out the next day.  Fortunately the drive into Rome was without incident, although the closer we got to the city, the more it felt that we were reentering the 21st century.

We stayed at the Hotel Sisto, which we had stayed at before and had been recommended by Trip Advisor. Trip Advisor is great until everyone discovers a place and then it is time to move on.  This was the case for me with Hotel Sisto.  Large groups of American tourists.  It was so strange to see all of these Americans again.  The guy at the next table was pontificating about how he hoped we had a one term president, not my point of view, and how all of the people from California were clueless.  He said he had a son who was out there and how he went to visit him once and would not go back.  I said, "I bet that was the best news your son got all year."  Not really.  Thought it didn't say it.  I already had one black eye and didn't need another.  Next visit to Rome we decided we would look for another place to stay.  We really liked the Hotel 47's location and I love the Trastevere area.

Went out to a great restaurant got Osteria La Quercia. Our waiter was orginially from Mass. but family was Italian.  He talked English like a wise guy.  It was funny to hear that accent in Rome.  I made some comment about having fallen, and he looked relieved.  I said, I think Gary should wear I TShirt saying I didn't do it.  He said, well you hate to think that but..... So I realized that people think I have been beaten up.  It is so weird to walk into a room and have people's eyes slide away from you.  I promised myself that from now on if I see someone with a deformity I will look them straight in the eye.  It is weird to be avoided by strangers..........

Flight from Rome was delayed but we were upgraded.  Flight attendants were great on the 2 American flights we took.  One attendant asked me if I fell.  She was the first person to directly ask about the bruise.  She was kind of one of those in your face New Jersey girls.  I told her she was the only one that asked and that I thought people thought Gary slugged me.  She said she checked him out and decided he wasn't the type.  How weird we all are.

My Stoic One was not very happy having everyone look at him as a wife beater.  We are now home.  Our dogs were thrilled to greet us.
Miss Annie

Mr. Luca

It is quieter here than in the Piazza.  No men chatting out my window, no machines zigszagging to clean the Piazza.
In the airport we got a call that we bought the apartment next door.  We are very happy about that.  

It is good to be home and heart is still in Umbria.  We have many things to do here.  We will be back the first week of September and I will pick up with our adventures.  Ciao.

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