Thursday, June 28, 2012

Antico Forziere; Deruta

If ever you are shopping for pottery in Deruta and find yourself hungry, stop at this hotel restaurant.
This blog is for all of my food loving friends, this post is especially for you.  We discovered this restaurant quite by accident.  We saw the large sign from the autostrada, and decided why not.  OMG.  This is truly one of the most creative, delicious restaurants we have tried. They are 3 brothers, two of them are chefs. How they produce such artistic, delicious, inventive food is beyond me.  Here are some photos.
Antipasti; homemade saffron crackers piled with tomatoes, cheese and mushrooms

The most delicious pistachio encrusted lamb chops

And for the Grand Finale; Dessert...note the spun sugar a Picasso painting but delicious.

This will be the last of the food posts for a while as I have told the Stoic One we are eating salads only!

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  1. That is NOT fair!!! We so look forward to your food choices!!! Salads will not be works of art!!! Do not disappoint us, Susan!!! Still loving your blogs!!! Keep them coming and please include your wonderful food works of art!!! Love ya!!!