Friday, June 15, 2012

Welcome Back Susan

We arrived with the least amount of troubles.  For those of you who don't travel a lot, flights that actually take off, land on time and in the correct place, are unusual.

We picked up Adelle within 5 minutes of our arrival.  Although she went through Paris, she did not fall or otherwise harm herself.  She was a last minute addition to our trip and we are very happy to have her.
Simone was at the Rome airport to greet us, our luggage arrived, intact with no problems.  Other than the fact I dropped my MacBook Air, which now has a black moth like structure in the left hand corner of my screen, the trip was without incident.  A miracle.  We used the Clear Card to go through the TSA fiasco in San Francisco.  For frequent travelers, it is great.  You bypass everyone, put your card in a machine, it reads your irises, and you cut in line in front of everyone going through the xray machine.  We didn't need to show passports, drivers license etc to the TSA. Slick.
Saturday Organic Market
It is beautiful in Italy.  Sun is bright, there is a slight breeze coming through my window.  I always forget how noisy these Italian birds are.  They are out there communicating that the crazy Americans
have usurped their space once again.

We are unpacking.  Guess which pile is the Stoic One's?
I need drawer space.  This leads into the buying of apartment number 2 story.  By the time I leave her in July, we will either have bought the place, or I will find another apartment.  The Italian bureaucracy is not something to engage with if you are impatient by nature.  I have now learned the term "factual need."  This means what is the reason you need something.  Note the verb want is not even considered.
So my factual need for closing on apartment 2 is that if I don't I may start bopping unsuspecting bureaucrats on the head.  Do you think that will work? Any ideas for a factual need for closing on the apartment will be well received by moi!
Off to look for more boxes for my clothes.

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