Sunday, September 22, 2013

Philadelphia Freedom

After a year and a half of planning, 6 months of homelessness, we will finally be on our way to Italy in the next few hours.

We have had a wonderful time in Philadelphia with our friends, Donna and Michael.  They cooked for us constantly, and I ate every delicious bite.  I have now forgotten all of the bad food that we ate on our way across the country. Donna is like a sister to me and I have come to love Michael, her husband as a brother.  We will be sad to leave but have already made plans for their trip over and ours back to see them.

We had dinner on the Moshulu with the best financial ever, Will Wolf of Insite Advisers.  He is part counselor, part priest, but mainly a very good friend who has helped us protect and invest our assets. He is the best.
Will on the left, me, Stefanie and the Stoic One.

Our bags are packed...
Luca is in his Thundershirt

We are ready to go...The Stoic One is post from the Queen Mary!

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  1. Hi Susan,
    I just finished reading your blog up to now. How interesting it has all been. We have a lot in common. Just retired. Had/have mini coopers. Both moving to Umbria. We are just starting our journey and would love to correspond and ask some questions. I hope your Queen Mary crossing was nice. Once you are settled in your (!)brand new apartment(!) and feel like emailing let me know. I am