Thursday, September 12, 2013

Texas, Louisiana, Alabama

I can't believe what a big state Texas is...the place is huge especially if you are driving an Audi A4 packed to the gills with a sweet little dog in the back. At the widest point it is 773 miles and I feel everyone of those miles in my butt.  We are now about half way across the US.  Leaving the Bay Area meant we left good food that was easy to find.  I am sure there is good food in other states, but so far we haven't found it.  Deep fried food, Mexican beans and rice...this does not bode well for my digestion.  We have stayed in some very nice places.  We loved the Residence Inn in Abilene.  We are staying in a very nice hotel now, the Remington hotel. It's interesting in Italy and the Bay Area good food is around and not that difficult to locate.  In other places in the US most of the good food is in the home.  That is probably also true of Italy.

Luca has been the easiest dog.  People come up to him, want to pet him.  He has learned to relax with this although he is still very wary of toddlers. Not that I blame him.  Let me see....some remarks about people in Louisiana.  Very, very friendly.  The women wear make up and get "fixed up" like true southern women.

I have never been to Mississippi before, and I still can't say I have been there.  We drove straight across the state on I-20.  I must confess to some California prejudices about the state.  My only images are of shanties and poor people.  I am sure that is still true.  I didn't expect the state to be pretty.  It has rolling hills, green trees, lots of pasture land. I could have been in Kentucky or Tennessee.  I wonder what it would be like if we got off one of the exits and explored.  No time. On to Alabama.

It is now 17 day  until we move to Italy permanently.  I feel anxious.  I compared it to the feeling before getting married...that approch/avoidance conflict. Such a big decision. I think making this transition so long, has given me more time to mull this over, worry about things I can't control, second guess every decision we've made.  The Stoic One remains.....stoic.


  1. The closer you get to the East Coast and the NY/NJ Metro area, the better the food gets, promise. As for your anxiety in leaving, remember nothing is written in stone. If you really need to come back, it's a plane ride away. I'm quite certain that once you get there and set up your home it will feel exactly like that...HOME.

  2. Good to know the Stoic One remains stoic!