Saturday, October 19, 2013

Queen Mary2 Part 2

I was quite curious as to why people chose to take the Queen Mary rather than fly business class, about the same price point.  The main reason that most people mentioned is that you are not jet lagged, or cruise lagged...The time changed gradually, about 1 hour a day and once we arrived in England we were totally in the correct time zone.  People also talked about the hassle of the security lines, taking their shoes off etc. As most of the passengers on the ship were older, the ship was just viewed as a more civilized and convenient way to travel, particularly if there were no time issues.  Most of the people I talked to had made the crossing more than a dozen times. If you ever had the opportunity to take the QM2 across the Atlantic, I would really encourage you to do so.  We all said, it was the trip of a lifetime for us.

Here is our stateroom.
One of the clever things they had, was a rubberized pad on the bed, no not for that! Anyway, it was to put your luggage on so that you did not mess up the bed as you unpacked.  Once our luggage was away the gold bed mat disappeared!

In the next picture, you can see the balcony to the left of the bed.  There were 2 deck chairs and a little table.  We didn't sit out there often, but having the balcony made the stateroom seem much larger.

There are many entertainment things to do while on board.  Because we had Luca, we spent a lot of time on the dog deck but we did go to a few movies and hear a few talks.  The theater, like everything, was elegant and from a time gone by.

And Luca's accommodations?  Not so good.

Still it was better than having him on an airplane, and we could visit him and get him out of his cage during the day.  The other dog people were very entertaining, and had many good suggestions for us.
The captain of the ship came up one day to get his picture taken with each of the dogs.  I'm not sure that Luca was too impressed.

That is the captain and his lovely wife behind him.

Do you think Luca saw the Titanic?  He seems to have the idea of being the masthead.

One of the fun events was the Ascot Ball.  We were told to wear hats, which yours truly did. I dragged the poor hat all the way from Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley to the Queen Mary, much to the consternation of the Stoic One.  It matched my dress perfectly, and I received many comments..

Sarah and Jan decided to have a dance around the floor.

Besides the theater, there will also beautiful bars to sit, relax have a drink or read a book.

One of the exciting things that happened was the Queen Mary 2 was asked to help a solo woman rower who had lost her sea anchor and her satellite radio.  We were all very excited on board about being able to help her.  Here is the story.

Here she is in her little boat.  The containers are in reach.  We pulled away and she said "live your dreams."  Some peoples' dreams are other people's nightmares!

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