Sunday, October 20, 2013

Top 10 Reasons to take the transatlantic QM2

10.  There is plenty to do on board between the day time and evening programming.
9.  In spite of the fact there are 2600 people on board, the ship never seems crowded and there are plenty of areas to explore.
8.  The food is very good and there are a variety of places to eat.
7.  The ship is so large that unless the weather is horrible, you won't get sea sick.
6.  There is not limit on the number of bags you can take on board. For people who are relocating, this is a big advantage.
5.  Everyone on board, including the dogs, are treated as if they are the most important beings in the world.
4.  There are no security hassles.  Boarding is organized and easy.
3.  You will arrive in England with no jet lag.
2.  It is an emotional experience to sail past Ellis Island and the Statue of liberty while having a band play and drinking champagne.
1.  You can take your dog with you!

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