Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Italian gym

Ok.  The Stoic One dragged my ever enlarging you know what out into the rain, wind and cold.  Can you tell I was thrilled to go?   I can now report on our first Italian gym experience.  The gym was small, like most things in Italy.  It had a variety of things, but only one piece of equipment per type.  Like only one treadmill, one elypitcal machine etc and no TV!!!
It is located in the new part of town above a rosticerria that we love. I can't imagine the smells wafting up in the afternoon.

The name of the place is Inn Forma….ok…

So Mauro, the sweet owner, puts me on a treadmill, I get to 5 and say "basta."  I think, wow, I'm doing great at this speed.  It hardly feels like 5 miles per hour….I look down, oh about those kilometers…I was doing about 3.0  now wonder it was so easy!

The Stoic One of course was the star.  He was working through the weights and machines like Mr. Universe. I was working with a rubber thing to improve my ankle strength and somehow I broke it.  Don't ask me how.  The Italian dude next to me almost choked laughing as the rubber handle went flying across the room. Sigh..

So this gold machine was the hot ticket.  This is the third woman that came in, got zipped into some foam rubber skirt, then got strapped in.  Since Mauro's explanation of this machine was all in Italian, bear with me, you pick: it was either a machine that would allow you to climb mountains at higher altitude, allow you to swim under water for a long time, or eliminate cellulite.  I have a sneaking suspicion it was number 3.  Note the clock.  We started at 9;00, at 10:10 we were still there!  Hello, 10 minutes past my expiration date. The Stoic One was thrilled.

Luca in the mean time, has taken to rearranging slippers while we are gone.  This is his latest artistic arrangement.

Do you think Italy is wearing off on him?  Note our new carpet.

Now about some art work...


  1. Susan, I am loving your posts. Some funny stuff at the gym - would be a little skeptical about that gold "thing" whatever is does. Love your new rug too. I have the same one in my dining room. Looks like Luca is just claiming his territory - as long as he doesn't eat the slippers.

    1. Hey Melanie, thank you for your support. I can't believe we have the same rug. Luca is adjusting and so are we. So far he has not eaten or chewed on any thing. He is truly the best dog ever!

  2. Hello Susan. I LOVE LOVE your carpet. We are moving to Umbria next year and I would love to know where you shop for your furniture. Also, is it easy to hang pictures on the walls there? Thanks, Nancy

  3. Furniture shopping is an adventure, as you can imagine. Perugia is where we have had the best luck. The walls here are made of brick…NOT easy to hang things without a drill! Where are you going to move to?

  4. We have a house hunting trip planned for January. We are dealing with abodeitaly.it. they are in Umbertide. We are not sure yet of where we will settle. I read your blog from start to finish but wasn't sure how you found your houses. Any advice would be appreciated.

  5. Susan - I don't see your email anywhere. mine is nancy22314 at yahoo dot com. I'd love to correspond.