Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pastries and Hair

I have been asked what do we do every day?  What is our daily calendar like?  Everyday is so different, it is hard to say.  We do the normal things you would do in the US but it takes twice as long and is in Italian so it is twice as much fun.  We haven't really established a routine yet. I am sure in the months to come we will.

So one thing I had to do was find a hair dresser.  Luckily Joseph met someone who was working at show in London and who lives in a town about 35 minutes from us.  The four of us went off to meet the hair dresser.  The Stoic One went along because he drives, Paul went because Joseph went and Joseph went because he cares about hair and makeup!

It was a fantastic, only in Italy, experience.  First of all, what a surprise, the shop was in constant chaos.  Neighbors stopping, women stopping by to ask hair advise and an 8 year old girl, whose mother lives upstairs, who was bored and wanted to stay in the shop.  Ok, you can kind of picture it.  In the US I take a book or something to read because the shop is quiet, soothing music, a respite from the world…right…ok.  Stefano is the hair dresser and he gave me one of the best cut and colors I have ever had and I have been around a long time!

The shop is in Sansepulcro.  The town is actually in Tuscany.  Another charming medieval town.

So in the US this is the process for a cut and color….shampoo, hair cut with wet hair, hair dry, color put on with foils, weaving your hair with the end of a comb and mixing the colors. Sitting with foil on your head for about 20 minutes, then dry a few more trims, out.  All in all about 2 hours….in Italy.

First of all there is a lot of pushing, pulling your hair this way and that.  Joseph is also there so he adds in that my hair should be layered, enough with the bob look, Stefano agrees, then Stefano talks about the weather, winter is coming, I will be wearing more scarves, high collared sweaters, so all of this effects the length of the back of my hair…then color…many choices, mixes, skin tone…omg. about 40 minutes has gone by and no work has started.  Then the little girl tells Stefano she is bored and wants to comb out a wig, so he goes and gets her a wig to play with.  Joseph decides I am in safe hands so he and Paul and the Stoic One disappear and go to a pastry shop!

There were so many choices, they had a hard time deciding.

Thank god I wasn't with them.  I would have had no resistance.

Ok, back to my hair.  I had a very careful haircut…beautiful…then dry…then grandma comes in and puts the color on…to say I was alarmed understates the situation…then Stefano comes back and twists the colors together, then puts paper wrappers on my hear, then puts me under the heat for 5 minutes except no one pays attention to timers going off, then I was ready…3 hours plus…here are the results..ignore my face which looks like I have been in the sun and eaten too much gelato.

Another day in Umbria.


  1. Very nice, Susan. Gotta love those Italians! Now you will have to find a groomer for Luca.

  2. Thanks Melanie. Luca is definitely on the list next.