Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mantatelurè, Lecce

We love Puglia. If Umbria is the new Tuscany then Puglia is the new Umbria, although saying that does a disservice to all three provinces as each one isl unique and loveable in its own way. When we have guests, we like to take them to Puglia to experience a different Italy. We always encourage our guests to see the main cities of Florence, Rome and Venice, but if they have the time, and or if this is a second visit, then we love to take them south to show them a way of life, food and architecture that represents this region of Puglia.

This visit we stayed at a marvellous hotel,  Mantatelure' It is in a central location, with a well thought out and executed restoration. The building is from the 1500's. The owner has a love of design, which is evident through out the hotel.
The outside space is as interesting as the inside space.

Every nook and cranny has an interesting display that makes one stop and look.

This view is of the entry way to the hotel taken from the roof garden.

The hotel also offers 2 apartments as well as the regular rooms.

The hotel offers an excellent breakfast and has excellent customer service. They provided us with a guide for a tour to Alberobello and Ostuni. I can't recommend this hotel highly enough. We loved it.

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