Thursday, October 2, 2014

Umbertide '800 Festival

In Italian it is called the "Ottocento" or 800.  It took me a few times to realise that the town was not celebrating things that occurred in the year 800 (yes the town was here and could have celebrated that period). Instead, it is 1800 that is celebrated. In 1863 the name of our town was changed from Fratta to Umbertide in honor of the Crown Prince Umberto.  The festival celebrates this time.  It is really just an excuse to dress up, socialise, listen to music, drink and eat. All things Italians love.

The people in the community are encouraged to dress up and have fun.  I had a dress but the weather was too cold and rainy for me. It clearly didn't stop others.

All ages and body types enjoy the festival.

Our piazza is in the background of this picture. It was so great because all cars were banned during the festival. It was really nice to have the space for humans rather than cars.

I love people who laugh easily. I am in the right country.

Isn't she lovely? Her face is the face of this place.

All of the restaurants and taverns spiffed up and put on their best for the tourists who came for a visit.

The best places had a line up for food.

It looks like Luca but it isn't. He was safely hidden away at home. Italian crowds are not his favorite thing.

There were circus people and games for the kids. This guy looks a little ominous but I think it was part of his act.
The last day we had beautiful weather. We hope it will encourage people to come back next year.

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