Thursday, July 19, 2012

Back in the US

Out trip home was without incident, thankfully.  I really hate the process of travel, the security screens, getting your lap top out, your shoes off, trying to keep up in line and not get irritated with others who don't keep up.  Being on the plane itself is another type of torture, small seats, poor service disgusting food.  It has turned into a hectic, stressful experience.  I suppose this is why extremely wealthy people have their own planes so they can avoid all of this.  For me I would rather have my own plane than 7 news houses that is for sure.

It didn't take long to get back into the grove here, but I have been having anxiety dreams about not being prepared.  The last dream I was in a play, and I had forgotten to memorize my lines.  I kept saying can't I just make it ups as I go along, and the answer was what about the other people. Feeling unprepared is not a new sensation for me, and yet I seem to lack the personal will to get prepared.  I did throw out my notebooks from classes I took 10 years ago.  I was exhausted with the effort.

Still no final news from Italy.  Manuele said the date would be by the end of this month, but it would be really nice to have an actual date.

My life in Italy and here are so different in most ways.  What we eat, when we eat is totally different.  I can't imagine starting to eat here at 9:00 at night but I can't imagine eating at 7:00 when I am in Italy.  My two lives are not only different in miles but in time.  Literally it feels like I am a time traveller when I go to Umbria.  Life is simpler, and more complicated to do the little things.  In California we are able to do so many things at one time that we are zooming around all the time, and it does seem like we get a lot done, but I am not so sure.

People ask me if I have doubts about this transfer.  Of course I do.  Only the Stoic One doesn't have doubts.  I have doubts and I really want to get going with that next chapter of my life.  Alas, I have a lot of things here to do.

Will check in when we get the second year and counting....

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