Saturday, July 7, 2012

Italian fashion in Gubbio

Gubbio is our favorite hill town in Umbria.  It's a bit of a pain to get to, over a windy, narrow road, but once there, it is magnificent.  When you look up at the town and see it built into the hill, it is hard to imagine the vision, labor, and money that it cost to build the town right into the mountains.  People from Gubbio are independent minded.  They created the largest Christmas tree lights in the world on the mountain behind them, without spending any public money.

We were taking our friends Dorothee and Mike to visit Gubbio when we happened upon a wedding. In Italy it is considered good luck to see the bride, so there were many people gathering around as the wedding guests got out of vans from local hotels.  If you are not interested in fashion or beautiful people just skip to the bottom of the blog.  I must tell you I have seen many beautiful people, but other than on TV watching the red carpet at the Oscars, I have never seen so many beautiful, thin, women in such beautiful clothes in my life.  The Stoic One had a lot of fun pretending to be a paparazzi.
One of my favorite dresses, perfect hair and shoes

Only think about this dress if you are tall and pencil thin. A beautiful silk print. Cost? If you have to ask...:

She looks a little bit like Clare Danes.  Look at the old guys watching them.  The policeman looks bored.

Do you think she is a University of Tennessee fan?  Probably not.

Love the hat, the shawl and the sunglasses.  The little girls were so cute.

This is an Italian pose.  Love the shoes.

Speaking of you think he knows the Elvis Pressley song?

Love the handbag.

Life is soooo boring when you are rich and beautiful and one day dying of lung cancer!!!!

Even the little girls had beautiful shoes and dresses.  Note the wedding planner on the phone. Orange and navy seemed to be the colors of the day.

I told him to focus on the SHOES!
Ok.  Which dress did you like the best?
1.  The chiffon tiered?
2.  The long orange print?
3.  The red dress?
4.  The beige dress with the cell phone talker?
5.  The beige dress with the smoker?
6.  The striped dress above?

Well, that's it.  Oh, the bride?  We gave up.  Off for a meal...
We did wonder what would her dress be like?  How would she arrive?

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