Sunday, July 8, 2012

More from Gubbio

Couldn't leave Gubbio unless I shared some of our delicious lunch.

This was the house antipasti dish.  Very different than anything we had eaten.  Bean soup in the middle.  Starting at the top of the dial, at 12:00 position is prosciutto cheese, crostini with mushrooms, poletna cubes, egg quiche on bread, potatoes, and fried rosemary and flour which sounds disgusting but was delicious.

Now we are back at the piazza in front of the church. What do you think this crowd is waiting for?

Who would come to an elegant wedding like this in a VW Bug? Remember the guests in the beautiful dresses?

It was the bride!  Did you really think Dorothee and I would have left without seeing the bride?  It was hilarious that she showed up in a VW Bug.  Am not sure the crowd appreciated the irony but we did.

Note the wedding planner tending to the veil.  In Italy when you see the bride for the first time, you applaud.  Very entertaining.

Besides beautiful weddings, Gubbio is also known for its wrought iron and doors.  Here is my favorite.

Ciao Gubbio.

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