Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Civitella Ranieri

We are so very fortunate that Civitella Ranieri is located about 10 minutes from our house. Civitella is a 15th century castle that is a workplace for international writers, composers, and visual artists. The artists who receive fellowships can stay for either 4 or 6 weeks. Their room, board, and air fare are all paid for. The fellowships begin in May and end in early November.  One of the lovely benefits for the community is that the artists present their work to the invited guests.  There is such a mixture of talent, nationality, age and gender.  The selection process is arduous and the people that come are particularly grateful to have unfettered time in this beautiful setting.

The night we went to the concert, there was a fantastic bass player, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, who played. He was fantastic.

To hear music in this setting is sublime.

The Stoic One, who always has an eye for a pretty girl, caught this one taking photos.

She looks like a face from a Renaissance painting.

If you are in our area, I definitely would recommend you to check out Civitella Raniei.
Civitella Ranieri

A friend sent this link to another article about Umbertide, Ceramiche Rometti and Civitella Ranieri. The good news is that Umbertide got mentioned in the NYTimes, the bad news is that we are declared a second-tier town not worth even a short visit.  Sigh...Here's the articleUmbertide


  1. Wow, Susan, that place looks lovely. I wish nothing more than that I could "be in your area". Maybe someday....Keep having fun!

    1. Hi day I hope to meet you and take you around our crazy little town. We are having fun, exploring, eating and enjoying life.