Friday, July 4, 2014

I Tamasotti, Verona and Romance

The Stoic One and I, and our two new very good friends John and Anna went for a few days to an agriturismo called  I Tamasotti. It is located in the hills outside of Verona, in an area that is called Verona Est.  There are Roman ruins, beautiful churches, olive trees and vineyards.

This agriturismo is an ideal place for romance. We saw several honeymooners who were quite enthralled with one another. Additionally, it is a delightful place to rekindle the romance of long term relationships, that recently might have encountered the irritations of modern life. For anyone missing a little romance in their lives, I recommend this agriturismo. Beautiful bedrooms with interesting decorations.

Romantic arbors for weddings, or renewal of vows.

The food was sublime and the setting in which we ate, was stunning.

Because it was summer, we were able to eat out of doors.

The family who run this agriturismo, run it as their home.  They are friendly, service oriented and very proud of their area that they think is unknown to most tourists.

This is Maria Luisa, the chef and designer, and her two children Alessandro and Giulia.  Giacomo, the husband was out working when we tooke this photo, but he is also very welcoming and informative. In every nook and corner of this agriturismo, there was another scene begging to be photographed.

I highly recommend this agriturismo! If you do go, please give Maria Luisa my best.

I Tamasotti

This area of Italy is really fun to explore. The Itaian white wine Soave, comes from this area.

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