Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The apartment

I thought perhaps you might like to see the inside of the apartment, not just photos of the outside. This is the entryway to the apartment.  I am standing in the dining room to take the picture.

The photo above is the dining room. The window is to the right.  If you looked out there you would see the Tiber river and a beautiful mountain behind it.

 This is our kitchen.  It is in a little niche off the dining room.  It is generally the territory of the Stoic One but since I have been here I have baked one apple pie, which I gave to Mani's mama and a sausage bean casserole.  Delicious.  There is a refrigerator to the left with the freezer on the bottom and a dishwasher to the left of the oven.  Very compact.  Nicely designed.  We would take it with us if we moved!

These are the ceilings that have been restored.  They are in the living room, dining room and guest bedroom.

These are the floors that have been restored and took forever to put in.

This is the window I look out to watch the adventures in the Piazza.

This is the guest bath.  Small but serviceable.


  1. Love the apartment! Would you mind telling the cost to purchase? Cost to restore? We are considering embarking on our own retiringment adventure in Italy and are trying to get a realistic idea of the cost of our fantasy.

  2. The two apartments will average out to be about 170 E per sq foot. That does not include the cost of the kitchen which in Italy is calculated separately.