Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Stoic One goes to Ikea

The trip to Ikea was not pleasant.  It started with confusion over directions.  The GPS said to go one way, the Stoic One said to go another way and Google map on my Iphone said to go a third way.  Unfortunately we did not have a paper map (Note to self, never go anywhere in Italy without a paper map.)  So we did what any reasonable American would do, we followed the GPS until it didn't seem reasonable, and then we got completely lost and then we followed directions from the phone and then we lost cell coverage and then we landed in the middle of traffic in Florence.  The Stoic One was not happy.  I was blithely talking away about how well he was doing and not screaming at anyone, and he was still not happy.

We found a gas station and then the Stoic One said he wanted to go home.  Not back to California but back to Umbertide.  He was tired, we were lost, it seemed hopeless and we should just come back another day. Wait, wait, I say, the Iphone has come back on line and says we are really only 10 minutes from the store.  GRRRRR.  Ok.

We found Ikea 30 minutes later.  We had lunch.  We ate the tiny little Swedish meatballs people told us to eat.  Then we shopped and the mother of all fights began.  "What are you going to do with that?"  "I don't think that will fit."  "We don't need to be buying things just to be buying things."  I, at my wits end, stomped off the bathroom.  On the way back to the basket section, I heard several Italian couples having the exact same argument that the Stoic One and I were having, except they were both on the cellphones talking to Mama, telling her what a no good lout the other person was.  Luckily Mama's in Italy are the best of psychologists as you could tell from the expression on the faces of their wayward children saying " mama." But, but, but, yes, mama. They hung up, smiled at one another and continued on their shopping adventure.

Me not having an Italian mama, decided to be my own and make up with the Stoic One.  We ended up selecting baskets that did indeed fit on the shelves and were better than the first ones I had selected before I stomped off.

Some of you have asked how we get around here.  We rent a car and drive depending upon Stoic One's frame of mind.  Mostly, we walk every where in our village.  The alimentari, little grocery store is just beneath our 65 stairs, as is the hardware store, the 2 coffee bars, and the wonderful restaurant.  The weather here as been beautiful.  Cool, blue skies, about 70 in the day 50 in the evenings.  We did have the one bad day of rain, (we have still not heard from the Milanese) but this week has been gorgeous.
By the way, the Stoic One figured out how to do the wash and the dryer and program it for one event.  It only took 4.5 hours for the combo.  I can't imagine our electric bill.  Utilities in Italy are 4 times the cost as in California. I think we will go back to the idea of hanging clothes out the window once we get the electric bill.


  1. OMG - IKEA
    It sounds like you still would stay in Itay, right?
    Just found your Blog. I will be reading more. My wife and I visited Umbria and Tuscany last year and would like to live there. Do you think it's advisable?
    So where is the IKEA?
    (My Blog of our three week adventure--can be found @ "Most Excellent Tuscan Adventure" plus the year long process to get there...)

  2. Hi David, I love your blog. The answers to your questions are too long for this box. Check my profile and send me an email and I will respond. There are 3 Ikeas in Italy. We are absolutely going to retire in italy in 2013. Woudl love to "chat" about it.