Sunday, May 22, 2011

Italian Ice Cubes??

Okay, so you know how you are in Italy and it is hotter than the devil and you ask for your diet coke with lots of ice and even learn to say the Italian word for ice and almost pronounce it correctly (ghiaccio geeahcho)
and then your drink comes and there are 2 little puny circles floating in the middle.  I now understand why.

We bought a refrigerator/freezer and we thought we will have no problem making ice.  Right?  Wrong.  Problem number one is the freezer did not come with ice trays, or so we thought.  Problem number 2 there were no ice trays at the Coop, the main grocery store.  We were talking to our friend Laura, who owns the restaurant downstairs and asked her where we could buy ice cube trays.  She told us at the dread Fromica...more on that store later.  Then she said, wait I will give you one.  Great, I'm thinking.  So she comes out with a box that looks like it holds sandwhich bags.  I looked at it and said how does the water get in there?  When you ask Italians these kind of questions, they always look dumbstruck like you can't really be asking this.

Anyway, here the the Stoic One filling the "ice trays"
Once we understood this is what ice trays look like, we found the "ice trays" in our freezer.  They are in the pullout part of the freezer drawer and look like egg cartons.  The idea of an ice maker machine is not exactly part of the syntax here.  Too much energy, too much cost just for ice.  Now I get it.

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