Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Infiorata Part II

I was afraid the last post was getting too big for people's computers.  We are continuing on here with more photos of the Infiorata in Spello.

This says "Io sono la vite, Voi Siete i trani"
"I am the vine you are the branches" John 15

It is interesting to me that the bible metaphors are so much more relevant here than they were learning about them in suburban Detroit.  Olive trees, and vineyards are all part of Italian culture.

The archangel Michael slaying the devil...is dramatic.

In front of the childern's elementary school, there was this happy infiorata.

The skill and artistry displayed shows me that the Italian artist is alive and well in our times.

On this day, everyone is a photographer.  I saw more Ipads used as cameras than phones!

It was a day where everyone enjoyed the celebration, and everyone helped.

I of course have saved my favorite untile the end. The bible verse is "blessed are the children"

This infiorata was at the very top of the town.  It is being sprayed before they removed the metal casings and the plastic covering.  This is a very delicate job.  If they drop anything, the infiorata is ruined. They must remove the covering before the jury of judges arrive.

There was tremendous tension in the air as they did this.  Clearly in times past, mistakes have been made.

Not this time.  The crowd spontaneously broke into applause and called for the designer.  He looked like Santa Claus.  He climbed a tall ladder and saluted the people.

It was a happy day...sing "Happy Song" here....
(to be continued)


  1. Wow, very simply....thanks for the memories.

  2. Il piacere mio. Glad you enjoyed it Melanie.

  3. A Rose Parade without wheels. Kidding. Much, much more awesome and colorful. Nice pix by the Stoic One.

    Dubtown Dude & the Rev. Ike