Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Trevi, Umbria

The Stoic One and I are on a mission to visit agriturismos and then write a guidebook about them. For us this will be a fascinating way to explore Umbria. Don't expect it any time soon, as we are exploring one a week and there are over 200 agriturismos in Umbria!

Our first agriturismo stop was in Trevi.  Let me tell you some things about this sweet town. It is one of the Umbrian medieval hill towns. This period is generally recognized from the 5th to the 15th century.  It is said that Trevi's best economic fortunes were in the 15th century. The mainstay of its current economy is olive oil and tourism. To me, this is a town that knows how to represent itself.  The tourist office is not only beautiful, but was extremely helpful in handing out information that represented the town and the surrounding areas.  In addition, they have developed a free IPhone app, that gives verbal commentary about the sites you are seeing.  It is in English and has a map that you can use to follow along.  I highly recommend it! (iTrevi ENG)  So much handier than carrying a guide book along.

If you are going to Trevi, the Tourist Office should be your first stop.  If is conveniently located by a major parking area. The staff are very friendly and quite informative. Trevi is located on the main train from Rome to Ancona.

From the road, Trevi looks a bit like Spello.  It is a very friendly town that does not get many tourists.

There is an inviting central piazza where the commune is located.  It is surrounded by stores and restaurants.  A perfect place to stop on a warm summer's day.

The streets are fun to walk through and follow the little map on IPhone with descriptions.

In every Umbrian town there is a plaque celebrating the birth place of a famous person, be it politician, warrior, muscian or artist.  In Trevi, they noted a famous chef from the town. You gotta love a town that is both beautiful and celebrates cooking!


  1. Ah, Italia! So beautiful. Susan, I have a question for you. Do you know who Marlena De Blasi is?

  2. Hi Melanie. I do! I love her writing...btw I am still working my way through Eleanor Herman's book.