Sunday, June 1, 2014

Rome, Florence, and Venice

We had our sweet "daughter" Leslie visiting us for 2 weeks. We were in Florence looking for the Kim K wedding but all we saw was the guy with the pitchfork!

Anyway, Leslie holds a unique place in my heart and in the Stoic One's heart as she is the only person who has worked for both of us.  She worked for me for four years at Apple Computer and then at Taligent and then separately for him for four years at Verisign, and she still speaks to both of us. Amazing.

We started our grand tour, as most tourists do, in Rome.  The weather was great and the people watching was amusing. I do wonder where all these dogs in Rome go to the bathroom.

There were many students out and about on tours.  I have no idea who these yellow shirt ones were, but they seemed to be enjoying the Spanish Steps with the rest of us.

We did see some tourist sites, the Coloseum, the Forum, the Pantheon.  Mainly we walked, and walked and walked and tried to avoid running into large tour groups.
We didn't make it to the Vatican.  We had to save things for next time.

We headed on to Florence and a wonderful tour of jewlery shops.

Look at the painting and then at the work shop...note many differences in the tools used?  I thought not.  I don't know why, but these craftsmen using antique tools fascinate me.

For a modern take on getting around in Florence, here is a rental shop for you.

On to Venice. I think it is one of the most photogenic cities in all of Italy.  The water was spectacular this time of year.  Blue is my favorite color and there was plenty of blue around.

Even when the weather is bad, there is always something something special in the skies.

Still people have to get deliveries and go to work. He is delivering milk, butter, yogurt and cheese.  Love it.

Venice has problems.  They say we are loving it to death. One of the problems is big cruise ships. This one passed by as we were looking out our window.

You can't reallly get the scale of the size of this ship. It is shocking really to look out the window and see something this big go by.

Night came and it was time to leave for this trip.


  1. Thank you Susan and the beloved Stoic One for traveling with me to Rome, Florence, Venice, Verona, Perugia, Gubbio and your adored home town in Umbria. It was an amazing trip with an amazing couple who I've had the privilege to work for and learn from, both professionally and personally. I love you both very much and couldn't ask for better "parents".

  2. We miss you. Safe journeys home.

  3. Beautiful pictures, Susan. Brought back more memories. Last year we stayed at the Hassler Hotel right above the steps. Really nice! Also, wanted to tell you that I finished reading your book and thoroughly enjoyed it. You're a wise woman!

    1. Melanie, I forgot to say thank you for this.

  4. I absolutely love Venice. I'll never get tired of this magic city. There's something special in the air and the atmosphere is simply unique.
    You took a lot of beautiful pictures. The first one of Venice is also my favorite one! I'm glad you all had a great time:)

    1. Hi Claire, Venice was just voted somewhere as the most beautiful city in the world. You would get no arguements from me. They say George Clooney is going to get married there in September. I neve tire of going to Venice that is for sure. Thank you for your comments.