Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer has arrived

Our long awaited days of summer have arrived.  The sun is now scorching hot if you are out at noon, and the shade provides a remarkable respite of cool breezes and encouragement to sit and watch the comings and goings of the town.  This is truly the sweet period of "dolce fa niente" sweet it is to do nothing.

Our town has welcomed summer by holding a dog show! There were huge crowds and separate viewing fenced in areas for different breeds to compete.  It took all day, as you can imagine.  No we did not enter the charming Mr. Luca. We did not find a category of too cute and watches animal shows on TV.  Perhaps next year.

Don't know if this big guy won, but he should have! I love great danes. They remind me of the Stoic One.

The dogs and human were remarkably well behaved!

Another winner.  Such sweet animals.  Have I mentioned that the Italians in my town are all dog crazy.  They all know Luca's name, but not ours!

From dogs to roses. I know if may seem a bit of a switch, but hang with me.

We went to a flower show outside of the city of Spello at the Villa Fidelia.  We got there early expecting that the Italians would be late risers.  We could have gotten there even earlier.  Next year.
This was a buying garden show.  Lots of fun.

I had seen the villa many times as drove past.  I wondered what it was.  Now I know. Beautifully maintained.  They have shows and exhibits throughout the year.

Here is a 12 minute video...only need to watch the first few minutes to get the idea:

The Villa had its own Italian formal garden in the back.

Formal entrance to the villa.

Lots, and lots, and lots of flowers on display and for sale.

Italian idea of things to purchase for an English rose garden?

The villa was filled with treasures on display inside as well as out.. Don't ask me how this relates to roses. Am sure it makes sense if you are Italian!

I love the fantasy of the displays. Someone asked me what I loved best about Italy.  Next to food? Beauty.

As we left, we were greeted by a Citroen vintage car parade. They were so cute!

Italians know how to have fun without spending much money.

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  1. Susan. I have been following your post for the last several months. I enjoyed them and especially this one on the "day of the roses" in Spello. I watch the whole 12 minutes. It was wonderful. I cant wait to read about your travels thru Umbria and the agritusismo places that you will be visiting. I am so enjoying reading them and cant wait until my husband and I are living there and traveling to all the nooks and cranies.